"I can now really use social media as a way to leverage my presence and make an impact and a change in the world in the way that I really want to, which means so much to me."

-Kristen Accari

Hey there!


If you've been watching other people profit on social media and wondered if that could be you, it can.

And you don't need any fancy tricks, a lot of followers, or any prior knowledge on influencing.

So, tell me- how would it feel to...

-Stop watching others profit while you wonder if you'll ever get paid to travel, or for your social posts.

-Wake up with requests for collaborations from your favorite eco-friendly brands

-Be able to work anywhere, anytime, on your own schedule

-Know how to establish and feel CONFIDENT in your message to the world, and how you portray it

-Grow an engaged audience that trusts you

-Join an amazing community of other eco-influencers.

IFC will teach you the secret formula to start profiting on social media and land your dream collaborations.

Work with luxury eco-brands and hotels

Welcome to Influence For Change!

In this course, you will learn to go from scrolling on social media, to profiting and landing 4-figure brand collabs with eco-friendly brands.

Inside you'll find 6 modules:

Module 1: Preparation; Getting you ready and set up for success.

Module 2: Eco-conscious branding; How to find your own branding on social media.

Module 3: Community; How to attract your ideal clients and collaborators, and grow an engaged audience.

Module 4: Creating high quality content; Everything you need to know to create a beautiful, cohesive feed.

Module 5: Tech and Traffic; How to use all of the apps and editing to create your perfect vision for your social media.

Module 6: Eco-brand collaborations; How to attract 4-figure offers from brands you want to work with.

IFC Graduate Jeremy Speaks About his Experience

Jeremy has been able to apply the concepts of IFC to his job to grow his agency through social media, allowing them to reach more clients to help.


Kristen's Transformation in IFC.

Kristen shares about how the course changed not only her social media, but her gifts and offerings to the world.


IFC Testimonial From Sammy

Sammy describes how IFC influenced her business and confidence as a coach, gave her new ease in creating content, is growing her following, and taught her how to pitch to mental health brands.


IFC Testimonial from Kyra

Kyra shares about how she finally feels like her page is growing in an authentic way, and just weeks after taking IFC, Kyra is already working with brands!


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